A top-notch recording studio for musicians,
filled with the best equipment and instruments,
all run by Aaron Isaacson in Princeton, Illinois.



  • Sleepwell
  • My Beautiful Mistake
  • Remember Last Fall
  • Long Ladder Home
  • Step Right Up
  • Beneath Starless Skies
  • MY OH MY
  • Listen To Reason
  • Deadron
  • Hacksaw
  • We, The Dreamers
  • Wake The Sun
  • Mean Right Hook
  • My Last Words
  • Under Paris
  • Moral Belief
  • Sunset Forever
  • Can You See Us Now
  • and more…


aaron 8Headed by Aaron Isaacson, Sound in Silence has been working with musicians from across the midwest for over two years. With a strong musical foundation and



  • Focusrite Pro 40 x2 (16 total inputs)
  • Event Tuned Reference 6 Monitors
  • High performance dedicated studio computer
  • 1x Sennheiser 201S Headphones
  • 1x Behringer HPM 1000 series Headphones
  • Audio Technica M-50 Headphones


  • Audio Technica 4040 x2
  • Audix D6
  • Audix i5
  • Oktava Mod Hulk 990 x2
  • Shure sm57 5x
  • Shure sm58 x4
  • Audio Technica 2035 x2
  • AKG c2000b
  • Behringer ecm8000 x2
  • Nady cm-88 x2
  • Shure pg52


  • Peavey 6505+
  • Marshal JCM2000 DSL
  • Mesa OS 4×12 slanted guitar cabinet
  • 1×12 Custom cab with Celestion G12M (Greenback) speaker
  • Schecter Damien 6
  • Epiphone LP with REDS active pickups
  • Ibanez GS121
  • Cort L100F acoustic guitar
  • Modded Traben NEO bass
  • Full PDP Concept Birch 5 pc kit
  • 14×5 1960s Ludwig snare
  • 13×6.5 Joey Jordison Custom snare


I don’t enjoy being tied down by a specific, daily or hourly rate. I believe that every band is different, so I quote each band a price that is based upon their style of music and the fashion in which they would like to record their music. Staying flexible allows me to work with any band and any budget size. If you want to book a time, feel free to contact me below — any time, any way.